Row upon row

My blog post titles had suddenly gone unimaginative with the scroll stitch. So today I waited and named it after I finished the post. As you see a title came to mind so I didn’t have to post this under Day 4 with the scroll stitch. But I must say it still lacks imagination.

If my titles are unimaginative, I’m not too distressed. My distress is when I don’t have any more ideas to stitch. Happily that was not the case today. Here are a few ideas I experimented with on day 4.

Stand alone scrolls




The middle row is not the best stitching but an interesting pattern. I overstitched one scroll and nestled in two lower scroll stitches under the scroll line I was over stitching. I think I’ll try it again in two colors like the bottom row, then it will be easier to see what’s going on. Not to mention I need to perfect my stitching a bit! The bottom row consists of mirror scroll rows (loops facing each other in the middle, just the opposite of the top row, in other words) whip stitched together.

Another row


This was my favorite row to make. Mirror rows of scroll stitches (loops facing the middle) with the overstitching in rust. The over stitching pattern was a French knot in the middle of the four knots and a whip like stitch (a diagonal straight stitch?) to tie the longer loops in the scroll rows together.

More rows


My attempt at beading a row. tstc33dbeadrow.png



3 Responses to Row upon row

  1. Marty52 says:

    The last one is simply stunning… the stitch really picks up the colors and movement in the fabric. It reminds me of a wave. Beautiful!

  2. jowynn says:

    Oooooo, I love all your experiments with scroll stitch. The last one. on the print fabric, is gorgeous!

  3. threadspider says:

    This is a wonderful stitch for texture. I love your creative experiments and I agree with Marty, this stitch has something of the sea about it. I’m looking forward to you perhaps stitching up some fabric postcards with your experiments.

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