Day 2 with the scroll stitch

This is my second day of stitching with the scroll stitch. Because I’m still trying to figure it out, some of these experiments are strictly school girl trials.

Here, I’m picking up three threads in the knot rather than two as in the first day’s trials. The top row is three vertical threads; the lower, three horizontal.


Next, back to two threads in the knot and closer together, four threads apart compared to eight threads apart above. And then I tried to branch out a bit with some zig-zags.

tstc33bplainscroll.png tstc33bricrackstitch.png

Here’s another attempt, with rick-rack to help guide me.


No, I don’t like the zig-zags. But you will probably find me trying them again before the week is out. BTW, the yellow is the felt, not a stain. There are only four more pieces of this mottled gray left. It gives my camera fits. I will be thankful to see the end of it!

Double crested chain stitch from Monday’s post with couching and scroll stitches added.


I think more interesting experiments are ahead for tomorrow–spirals, circles and beads. Why do I say that? The stitching is done, but there are no photos yet.


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