Off grid fun and on grid rows

My “off grid” fun was playing more with this piece.


While I enjoyed adding the curves, my fun was the chain one crest one zigzag line in the dark blue floss at the top left. Every other chain stitch was crested to get these two rows done.

I tried to bring this concept over to “on grid” work, but that just didn’t work well. I was doing all my stitching on lunch hour yesterday. I had nothing but pima cotton left to stitch with by the time I got to this trial. Another thread might be better. I intend to try again. Here’s the failure since it may give a better idea of how the stitch is put together.


tstc32dbows.png This, too, is a failed experiment.

The crested chain stitch itself is a rather unstable stitch at a couple of points. That’s why working with it is a challenge for me. I have to either work with it or learn how to compensate. The next photo is some “on grid” work where I think I was able to work with it.


This sample reminds me of a tiny stream of water making it’s way over some dry dusty land.

Next, my circle from yesterday is dressed up.


Yesterday this was “on grid” work. But once that initial circle was done, I never counted another thread. This is my favorite sample in the post. But I think I’m done with it for the most part now.


One Response to Off grid fun and on grid rows

  1. Penny says:

    I am so glad you have done some extensive stuff on this stitch as i really wasnt sure, and am still not what I am doing but you have given me a better idea of how it looks. Back to try some more of it.

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