Nice Matters and the crested chain stitch

Nice Matters

Gerry of Sewing Southpaw honored me with a Nice Matters award. This award was started by Genevieve Olson at Bella enchanted. I’m very humbled and undeserving.

Here is a list of seven in no particular order. What a hard thing to whittle down to a list, since I meet such a host of nice people through blogging. Some of the people on this list are not people I know personally or know very slightly but whom I’ve observed lending a hand or encouraging others. Also not all of them have a blog that I know of but are involved in other ways. No obligation, ladies, to take up and nominate others. Please do as you wish.

Judith at Spinningyarns and Everything in the Garden’s Rosy. Her posts are always full of life, interesting places and things as well as her work with embroidery threads and crazy quilts. Her kindness and pleasant manners shine through in so many ways.

Sharon b at in a minute ago (now pin tangle). All her helpful kindness and giving to the needlework community is evident through her blog, stitch dictionary and other means.

Elizabeth’s (at BöskeZ and Colors) kindness to a feathered visitor, Elvire, earlier this year was heartwarming. I’ve seen signs that this kindness is not limited to a needy little bird but I think she is a generous, encouraging friend to many. I enjoy her needlework and beautiful flowers.

Annie at Annies Crazy World expresses love for her family in the crazy quilt for her mum and so many other things such as an Easter get-to-gether; it has been inspirational to me. She’s been unfailingly kind to me in so many particular situations that I’m extremely thankful for her. And her seam treatments are constantly inspiring me to better work.

Not only is JoWynn‘s work inspiring but her kind encouragement by way of comments to so many others is wonderful. I hardly go anywhere in my flickr groups without finding that she’s left a message of encouragement for various stitchers.

It’s vacation time so these two ladies are way from their blogs. I wish them each a wonderful time and am looking forward to their return to blogging again.

Neki at a movable feast not only writes interesting and helpful posts, but is always willing to help me with a question and send something in the reply that will make me smile. Her work is beautiful.

Nancilyn at What Bloggles my Mind is someone whose needlework I love. I’ve found her to always be helpful and encouraging to others both in posts and comments.

There are at least four others that I can name right now and are equally deserving yet not listed here. And that is without thinking very long about the whole situation.

The crested chain stitch

This is on grid work with the elongated angled leg of the knot.


Closed crest experiments in various threads and sizes.

tstc32c1chaindown.png tstc32credfloss.png tstc32cgreen6threads.png

And a circle. I’m excited about this since I spend some more time enlarging on this last night. Again a crazy work schedule, so no light for photos before I dash off to work this morning.



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