Welcome and plans for “out and about” posts


I wanted to say a word of welcome to those who may be new or just recently started reading my blog. Thank you for visiting. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you would like to; I’m always glad to get to know someone who visits.

If you are new to the on-line needlework community, I have a number of links on the side bar that will take you in various directions and help get you acquainted with a good number of other blogs. Also if you click on “blogs” in the categories section, you will find other blogs that I enjoy reading and have highlighted in a post.


I have come up with an “out and about” idea for highlighting blog posts. I’m still in the planning stage and open to input. As you may know, I’ve been trying to evaluate the Monday welcome posts (USA) that I did for a two month trial. Through highlighting blogs that I enjoy reading, it almost goes without saying that there are many I’ve not had time to highlight. Preparing those posts has made me aware of two things:

1. I learn from those that are stitching right along with me in Sharon b‘s TSTC. I see their work from week to week and rejoice over it and their accomplishments.

2. Often there was a trigger event on someones blog that caused me highlight it.

My observations:

I saw a good number of clicks on the links during the first five weeks of the posts. The last three weeks dropped off nearly by half. Many factors may be involved in making up those statistics. I see the results but I would only be taking a stab in the dark about why.

The week after the trial I wrote a word of welcome I saw clicks on a wide variety of outside links and more than in the last weeks of the two month trial.

When I wrote no word of welcome and no specific post last week. I saw a significant decline in clicks to outside links.

I read a lot of blogs connected with several areas in needlework or applicable to needlework. That leads to side trips as I have time. I’ve been thinking about highlighting one or more of those posts that were of special interest to me during the week on blogs that are outside of my usual “pocket”. I’m planning to try a four week trial on these kind of posts starting next Monday. Then I’ll take another “look-and-see”.

These trials and planning times have made me think much more deeply about the on-line needlework community–the value of it, the patterns within it and a number of other things. I appreciate those who have become friends and acquaintances along with the many others I don’t know but whose blogs I read frequently. There are so many who freely give of their time and efforts to benefit others. While I think there are no doubt some pitfalls, it seems to me that it a place where many may learn, grow and mutually encourage and support each other. And for that I’m very thankful.


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