More experiments

I’ve more experiments with the cast on stitch.

Here my aim was the mixing of the density of the cast on stitch withe the openness of the buttonhole wheel in one circle. The round white shape is also a cast on stitch pulled very tightly.


Next, double cast on stitches with some French knots scattered here and there.


The blue thread except for the French knots is used for a regular cast on stitches. The white thread was used for the double twist cast on stitches I’ve been experimenting with. They are indeed wider and have a knottier appearance at the edge. Unfortunately, the photographing is not picking it up well. I’ll have to try some more in another color.


tstc31epeachandwht.png Having fun with various edgings!

Two cast on stitches whipped together.



Here I was playing with various things, the most important to me was another attempt to get a picture of the increase and decrease of the width of the cast on stitch by twisting the loops as they are stitched. Perhaps the first white cast on stitch is the most recognizable of these. There are other attempts there but they are not showing up as well.


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