Experiments tried and failed

Generally, I like experiments, but none of the ones I dreamed up the other day with the cast on stitch were successful for me. They are just not my normal experiments.

The most interesting to me were the ones I did to vary the width of the stitch. I tried two means. The first by adding on tiny cast on stitches to the first larger cast on stitch.

tstc31dhenscomb.png  Now here you just can not see the rest of the poor hen, whose comb I was trying to embellish.

The second means to increase width that I tried was by adding twists to the the cast on stitch.  I don’t have good photos of this but will try to put them in tomorrow’s post. They did not really fail like the others in today’s post. Another experiment was whip stitching two cast on stitches together at the top. That likewise I plan for tomorrow’s post.

My woolly sheep–poor thing. I should have drawn it out first rather than stitching with no guide.

tstc31dsheep.png  Not a bad stitch for the sheep woolly coat, however.

And then here is my evergreen tree, also rather failed since the top is far for pointy and the proportions far from pleasing. But like the other experiments posted today I think that they could flourish under a proper pattern and a skilled embroiderer.


Do I mind all the failures? Not really. I’ve found things that I can’t do. So I’ve merely found that my question, “where to go next with the cast on stitch?” takes more searching out. I always count that a very good thing. Experiments are for eliminating possibilities as well as for opening up new avenues. And what fails today may in some way lead to or be incorporated in what succeeds next.


One Response to Experiments tried and failed

  1. Marty52 says:

    That little sheep is such a sweetie… very nice!

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