Where to go next

After doing this stitching I’ve begun to wonder where to go next with the cast on stitch. I think it’s time for something more exciting, but I’ve no clue what that would be. It doesn’t seem like I have skills to make a vase full of blooms. I can’t imagine using it to represent the the coat of my favorite dog, Tucker.

Oh…perhaps I could use it to represent the woolly coat on a sheep. I can almost see that now. I’ll have to see if imagination matches stitching reality. What else would this stitch be good for? Could I make it very narrow at the ends and wide in the middle? Could it be made to look like a hen’s comb? There is so much to find out about this stitch and I seem to be dabbling at the water’s edge. Nevertheless, I hope you like these sample. I had a lot of fun stitching them up.

Blue fans–the one on the right is only tacked to the fabric at the edges of the innermost row.

tstc31ctwobluefans.png Hum…maybe they don’t look like fans now that I tucked away the loose threads. They did look like fans with nice blue handles.




This sample I call “my music”.


And this one, “two sticks”. I learned a new way of working with cast on stitch to make the bumpy part of the left. Rather hard to photograph. While re-thinking about how I did that, an even better idea came to mind. I could make two cast on stitches close together and whip stitch the edges together. Maybe they would look like a pea pod or a green bean? Could they look like an apricot or peach on a tree? Oh, no–strike that idea, I must be dreaming.


Where to go next with the cast on stitch?


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