More practice

I discovered another nice thing about using buttonhole wheels with cast on stitches this week. Now, I’m sure that others already knew about this match between the two stitches. I probably just wasn’t observant enough to notice it or pay attention to it before I had to work with them myself.

Here it is. Not perfect stitching but I think a perfect match between these two stitches. I love the contrast in density between the two stitches.


Since I discovered it on grid, I tried it with two layers of buttonhole wheels on some felt.


Here is the practice on the cast on stitches. I’m beginning to see how pulling them in various ways controls the shape.


You can see that I’m still using Perle cotton for the most part. It is easier for me to control than the pima cotton that I have in overdyed threads. Not that overdyed Perle cotton isn’t available, I suppose. Maybe that should be on my list for the next visit to the local needlework shop.

My stitching is still not such that I want to try making all kinds of flowers but I did try this one last night.


One Response to More practice

  1. Deepa says:

    Hello Elizabeth,
    There’s a relation between buttonhole and cast on .
    The cast on stitch’s actual name is cast on buttonhole stitch.I don’t know about other forms of needlecraft,but in Brazilian embroidry that’s the name.


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