TSTC Week 31: Cast on stitch

When Sharon b announced her thirty-first stitch for the 2007 TSTC, it sent me scurrying for her stitch dictionary to find out about the cast on stitch. It is a high texture stitch and Sharon has shown us some exciting applications of this stitch in her post as well as another in the dictionary. The ending link in the dictionary shows a full view of the block from which one of her samples was taken. It’s well worth clicking to see Sharon’s beautiful work.

I’m learning this stitch so there are some bad little errors in some of the stitching samples, maybe all of them.

Here is my first try.


This is the next trial. I began to make as many cast on stitches as possible. I had fun stitching over the bad ones and trying to make the next ones better. But there were too many bad spots cropping up to hide them all! And you can see glimpses here of the buttonhole wheels that I want to continue working on this week.


Here is a sample of several spiral buttonhole wheels. I did more over stitching. These are both things that I want to spend more time with this week.


These last two buttonhole samples have to do with an idea I didn’t think of until Monday. My idea was to make one outer circle with two centers. As I went around the outer circle, I alternated between the centers. It might be worth working with a little more; I’m going to try it with a different type of thread.



One Response to TSTC Week 31: Cast on stitch

  1. threadspider says:

    I knew you would make something lovely with cast on stitch. Even your experiments are great-such lovely textures. Cant wait to see where you take this.

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