Two little lines and beyond

My ideas on the buttonhole wheels have been few and far between. My two little lines are slight variations on some common seam treatments I’ve seen.



I like the top one but this second one needs more work–a bead or something. And while I’m thinking about beads, I wondered if a bugle bead could be used for spokes of the wheels. And beads between the spokes for rims? I think I must try that–wish I’d thought about that at the beginning of the week instead of the end. I’ll have to look, beaders must do this all the time.

Here are some more trials and tests.


The largest dark wheel was testing places other than the center for some of the spokes to end. The other dark wheel was grouping some of the spokes close together and then trying to go as far as possible without distorting the circle shape. I went too far. That’s why the second rim is added. Not all my ideas work out!

The other thing I was forcing myself do in the sample above was to stitch over some of my previous stitching. It’s hard for me to do that; I think I’m covering up the best part. You can see I was all too gingerly and only stitched over the outermost edges of the wheels.


First I tried weaving the center spokes. Then I tried making a mill wheel, I thought it would look three dimensional but my perspective was certainly off. The last partial wheel is just trying to balance off the failed mill wheel.


I’m not ready to leave the buttonhole wheels behind. Friday evening I’d exhausted everything I could think of, but this afternoon I began thinking what if…

I think they may be showing up in my work with Sharon b‘s thirty-first TSTC stitch. And starting Wednesday I should be back to a more normal posting routine again. What unpredictable schedules I sometimes have!

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