Mostly off grid

I was working mostly “off grid” last night and again this morning on the buttonhole wheel stitch. Very interestingly the one “on grid” sample is something I first did “off grid”, transferred to “on grid” work and liked the “on grid” work best. The only other surprise was that while working on the blue piece I never realized a “heart” shape was developing until I was turning the piece around to fasten all the threads. I’m not much for heart shapes, but decided to leave this one as is.






That’s all the work I’ve had time for with the buttonhole wheels. There is some really good work with this stitch on various blogs and the flickr site. A good way to find blogs is to check towards the end of the TaST week with Sharon b‘s weekly introductory posts and follow links. If you haven’t already visited I hope that you will do it. This stitch deserves a lot better work than I’ve been able to give it so far. Fortunately, some other stitchers are just doing great with it and inspiring me.

One Response to Mostly off grid

  1. neki rivera says:

    i think you’ve outdone yourself with these!! wonderful.
    looking forward to your cast on samples

    neki desu

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