Off center

All my pictures show that early morning blue. I apologize for erratic post times; my schedule is upside down or inside out until at least next Wednesday.

I had fun placing the wheels a little “off round” and the centers a little “off center” last night while stitching. Today I decided this is a perfect reflection of how I feel!


Stitching over the top (lower left) then under the top row of stitching (lower right) and trying a spiral.


My travel bag didn’t have a very exciting color to try this next experiment with. But I liked this row a lot. It’s rather fussy because I stopped and changed the direction with each quarter of the “circle”. But it kept me alert, no day dreaming allowed.


And a few more trials.



One Response to Off center

  1. More gorgeous samples! I especially love the nautilus shape in the second photo.

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