Square wheels?

I got the craziest idea while stitching buttonhole wheels last night; I tried to reverse them. I got squares and diamonds instead.


As you may notice I still have trouble fastening the beginning stitch and keeping every thing nice and neat with this thick thread. If any one has tips for beginning and ending the buttonhole wheels, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
Here’s the diamond, well actually a partial diamond. I didn’t try to finish it off as I got rather discouraged about it for some reason.


I will be trying a thread like a Perle 12 or thinner today. I will not promise to stop my experiments with the reversed wheels. I already tried whipped and woven buttonhole wheels back on week 18 so I want to force myself into some other areas this week.

Here is another place where I went crazy with my stitching last night. I started out with a nice sedate row of alternating quarter fans.  Then I had all sorts of other ideas and added them on at random.


Now for the more mundane experiments.





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