Threaded arrowheads

I couldn’t resist playing with threaded arrowhead stitches. There were a few disappointments along the way. But for the most part once I switched to the thicker threads the results were better.

This is my favorite so far. It is so thick and sturdy–more like a piece of fabric than stitching. And it was a lot of fun to stitch since the stitches are easy and I enjoyed the rotating colors. If I had more time I’d have enjoyed making this into a useful piece.



I like the top concept, but it is here where I made an error with the blue thread between the two mirrored rows of arrowheads. I stitched the blue thread too tightly to the place where the middle two wraps meet and it pushed them apart. The wraps on either side meet very nicely. I could not redo without uprooting too much. Thankfully these are only samples, in this case with a reminder of what not to do!


Tried a couple of different threading ideas; loved the one in the middle.

Now to turn a corner

Yesterday I began thinking about what I called direction perhaps this is called position or orientation. When I was in Photoshop getting this off grid piece ready to post, all those thoughts from yesterday floated up. Some pieces only have one or two positions that are “right”. This one seem to have several to me depending on the thrust/energy/idea that I would wish to convey.


tstc29dfabric2.png To me this is less energy than the one above. But it appeared to be flowing toward me almost as if gathering more momentum.

This view seems to have more energy at the start but it is flowing away from me and seems to be losing energy.


The difference a horizontal flip in Photoshop makes

tstc29dfabric3.png This looks “wrong” or weak in my eyes.

tstc29dfabric4.png This looks better.

I suppose this is something that should be going in my journal rather than in a post. So often I tend to skip planning in my needlework. Some of these switches would be off limits if the piece was stitched.

Lately, I’ve noticed a few things my design teacher stressed seem to have become a part of my thought pattern. I see the value of them even more than when I was taking the class. There are so many things that I need and desire to learn. How much diligence and patience I need to have in order to do it. And diligence and patience alone can’t gain understanding and wisdom.


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