Moving from a lost thread to…

I was practicing on the arrowhead stitches while away from home. I used up my red thread and found I hadn’t any more in my travel pack. “No problem,” I thought, “I’ll move on to something else and finish up when I get home.” How did that red thread get in my travel pack? And how could I have taken the last of it with out noticing? I’m sure it’s hiding somewhere, but where?

Here’s the unfinished work.


Well, almost all of it. Because it was unfinished it was out of kilter. I thought, “it’s a perfect time to play with cropping.” In my design class last year, one of the important things my teacher stressed was you decide were the borders are. I’m definitely not good at it. My papers came back corrected a lot of times–and I should add very kindly so. So I had fun with a few trials on this piece. Please feel free to skip over the next three photos, if this doesn’t interest you. Beyond them I have a few more experiments with the arrowhead stitch.




The other fun part is deciding what direction. For instance, what a difference if the middle photo were rotated a quarter turn counterclockwise. Or the last one a quarter, clockwise.

Here’s the rest of my practice.


Oops, once I started cropping, I didn’t know when to stop.

Here I am back to normal.


Threaded arrowheads, an idea from Sharon b‘s stitch dictionary. My second take on this is that it would have been more effective with thicker thread or a ribbon as Sharon suggests. I plan to revisit some lacing ideas before the week is out.




3 Responses to Moving from a lost thread to…

  1. Gerry says:

    I watch your blog regularly to see what you’re doing with these stitches. Your creativity is just amazing. Most of the combinations and variations that you use would never enter my imagination.

    I know I should stop in an comment more often. I blame it only on laziness. I thought it was time that I told you how much I appreciate seeing your work. And also, how much you have inspired me.

    Thank you!

  2. threadspider says:

    Looks like you have had lots of fun, both with the stitching and with the cropping! I love cropping things. It never ceases to amaze me how different the same thing can appear when the focus is moved from detail to detail. The red arrowhead stitch shows that.

  3. JoWynn Johns says:

    These experiments are delightful. I enjoy your blog every day.

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