TSTC Week 29: The arrowhead stitch

The twenty-ninth stitch in Sharon b‘s TSTC is the arrowhead stitch. It’s a simple, fun stitch. Sharon has written a lovely illustrated introduction for it. I enjoyed seeing the work she had done with it on her crazy quilt seam treatments. The last piece is so rich in color and texture that I wished to know if what was in the photo is the full piece or just a slice. I love grids and her use of arrowhead stitches on those grids was intriguing to me.

Another thing that impressed me as I looked at her stitching is how easily this stitch creates the illusion of a line when the stitches are not that close together. And then they not only create idea of a line but give it direction. The arrow is such a common symbol in our culture, I read it without thinking. How long has this stitch been around I wonder? Two simple straight stitches that meet to form one point. It seems like it might go back to immediately after the flood of Noah’s day, if not before.

Well, I must hurry; my boss is on vacation again. One day only!

In some preliminary trials, I’m trying to reacquaint myself with this stitch.


altering size, reversing direction


doubling up on the larger size with direction according to size


the simplest flower

tstc29aflower.png How can I be making such poor French knots again after such recent practice? It looks like I’m still at square one with them.

Fun with off grid work. The combination of the arrowhead and the fly stitches on the right was an attempt at a making pine cone like texture. I better try again. I can see a hint of it but it doesn’t speak for itself, yet. Nothing special here, I was just relaxing.


I was most shocked that in the middle left section everything quickly began to look like I was just playing with cross stitches rather than squares made of opposing arrowheads and intertwined with others in the row. It made me think about how I was first taught to cross stitch, I see a lot of similarities.

BTW, the dark corner in the upper right is a variation in the felt’s color. When I first looked at it I thought something had gone wrong with my camera. Thankfully, not.

Did I say I was to hurry? Yes!


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