Blogs and explorations new and revisited


This is a word of welcome to help acquaint any newcomers to a few of the many blogs I enjoy. However, as a twist this week I’m not mentioning a blog but the flicker account of Vero de la Fare. I first got acquainted with her work through taking Sharon b‘s class about stitches last fall. I’ve continued to enjoy watching her work with Sharon’s TSTC. Since Vero has done so much work that I love, it’s hard to select just a few to highlight. Her work also covers a wide range so I’m attempting to give you a flavor of that in my selection, also. Here is a charming cat, a wonderful sampler, an up-close look at a colony of virus and a beautiful piece of boutis. Please, take a look at the rest of the photos there, there are many other interesting and beautiful things.

Thank you for all the wonderful work, Vero! It has been a refreshing delight to see it.

If you are a newcomer, the TaST flickr account always has interesting work pooping up. And it is a great way to get acquainted with much of the work being done in Sharon b’s challenge.

This is the last week of the two month trial, so I’ll be examining what to do about this weekly spot.






You may be wondering why so little new work. It’s simple; I tested a lot of bad ideas. I wish I could cut down on doing that!!!



I just couldn’t resist doing something with this whole in the improved circle. It is just interlacing but it satisfied my thoughts about this circle.


This was my disappointment. I’d wanted to put a rice stitch rather than a cross stitch in the center spots along the line. I tried it; it looked terrible. I compromised, kept the more lacy look and did a cross stitch. Maybe it just needs a bead. I see more tests ahead for this line.


I just remembered, I need help deciding what family the sheaf stitch falls in. Is a looped stitch? Something else? Thanks!


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