Sheaf stitches: continued explorations

This sheaf stitch has so much to it that I’m barely scratching the surface of what I think it is capable of doing.

Here is a simple line that I liked and then mirrored.


I think I liked the simple line best, but it’s always interesting to see what a mirror will do. If the mirrored line were embellished I think it would be more appealing. Yes, I can almost imagine it now. Sometimes when I’m posting my samples, I get ideas about what to try next.

One of those things from yesterday was an idea of perfecting the circle that I’d tried. Here it is. Just a thread or two one way or another on this size makes a much rounder shape.


Fun with diagonals.


I haven’t done nearly half of what I’d like to in playing with two colors on the sheaf stitch. It is an ideal candidate for such experiments because the tie is so easily made a different color than the straight stitches. And the straight stitches are so easily switched from one color to another.


This is not that kind of experiment but it certainly did involve two colors. I think my results would have been more pleasing if I’d handled the group of three sheaf stitches as one sheaf stitch. A large sheaf with the switch to green in the center of the straight stitches and one purple tie would create a much smoother look. And I think the tie would have held that many straight stitches securely enough if it was four or six threads wide. If it didn’t I think two hidden back stitches and one over stitch would do it.

And my favorite line from today’s stitching.


One Response to Sheaf stitches: continued explorations

  1. Lynne says:

    Thanks once again for all the really good ideas – I’m looking forward to having a go at this stich.

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