TSTC Week 28: The sheaf stitch

This week is the sheaf stitch in Sharon b’s TSTC. In her introduction, Sharon presented such interesting variations and a step by step of the stitch that I’ve been longing for more spare moments with my needle and thread. Many thanks to Sharon for taking pity of those of us who struggle with stitches like last week’s bullion knots. However, I do appreciate her even handedness and balance in stitch selection. I think I’ve been growing through it.

I was thrilled over some of the work I saw during the week and feel glad that the bullion knot is on some stitchers’ favorite lists. Many thanks to those of you who left me a word of encouragement in the midst of my struggles. Due to my boss being out of the office my posts may still be a little erratic and struggling the next couple of days. But I’m here and stitching away.

My favorite trial with the new stitch was this one.


This is a plain grid, stacked like bricks. For me the diagonals of the two outermost stitches over shadow the two remaining straight stitches and I like the look. But it needs dressing up.


Straight column stacks with a little dressing up, but it didn’t fire up my imagination like that first simple little line did.


Beads acting as the tie down. Brick stacked again.


A fun little point inspired by the third photo in Sharon b’s introduction (first link above). My French knots went a little crazy but I could not see where I went wrong counting. It’s more likely that my tension is bad. I still prefer not to use q-snaps or a hoop if I can avoid it. It may be time to rethink that preference since there is one grid I won’t ever post today because of tension problems!


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