Blogs and bullions knots


I’d like to extend a word of welcome to any newcomer to the on-line needlework community. To help acquaint you with other areas in needlework blogs, I’ve added Robin Atkins of Beadlust to my blogroll. It was a category of needlework that I neglected thinking about earlier when I put the list together.

I found Robin’s blog full of practical information and inspiration. Her website (first link above) has a wonderful gallery and to me it seemed to be full of resources. Robin recently started a Bead Journal Project (BJP). It got underway in June 2007 and is a year long commitment by well over 200 beaders world wide. What treasures I’ve been seeing!

Many thanks to Sharon b for pointing Robin’s BJP out to her readers, which is how I came to know about her.

I’m coming close to the end of a two month trial on pointing out various blogs that I enjoy to those readers who might be new to needlework blogs. If anyone has any suggestion, comment or feedback on this, please let me know. I would like to take everything into consideration as I evaluate it. Thank you!

Bullion knots

I’ve only a few things to add to my work with the bullion knot and close out the week. My boss is out of the office and I’m taking up the slack. I should have been stitching since my schedule didn’t have any room for me to get carried away by dipping into The Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework by Theresa de Dilmont. I started out to see what she said about bullion knots. But what caught my attention were the illustrations and explanations of various ways to add texture to needlework that she documented in the 1880s.

When I started reading I’d just done this sliver using the satin stitch (not very successfully) to create a lower level in the texture.


The book showed how to put down stitches to build up layers and then cover them over with satin stitches or buttonholes. I’d read this section several times before but there is nothing like reading something you have just had practical experience in. I found my mind was much keener to take in and think about the information. Daily blogging has certainly been a humbling thing during this TSTC week. And I have no doubt, that is a very good thing.




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