Bullion stitch: this and that

No definite theme in today’s post–just this and that. I’m finally making some headway with the bullion stitch but still misjudging on how full to fill the needle for the length of the backstitch. And there are a few other problems not overcome, yet.

I was able to pile up a lot of texture in this pink flower. I followed the directions that were in my needlework book. I don’t love this stitch enough to dream up much on my own.


The end of this practice piece.


I enjoyed making my “fan”. Temperatures have been over one hundred degrees the last couple days here in the central valley of California; I’ve been using fans on a fairly frequent basis.


What is common practice for holding bullion curves in place when there is no support from other stitches to hold it? I tried three methods: a stitch from the back looped over the bullion and drawn down to mix in with it, a small stitch from the back that caught part of a couple of strands at the back of the bullion, a stitch from the back that caught only the thread running through the loops in the bullion stitch. None of them seemed entirely satisfactory. It may be my skill level is getting in the way of success more than my method. I’d appreciate advice on this, thanks!

Other things





3 Responses to Bullion stitch: this and that

  1. neki rivera says:

    wow! love the second one! and the dense beige and pink below.Over here’s pretty hot too and although not in the hundreds it’s very humid and sticky, yuck..
    So i’ve decided to give up on bullion. too hot to get upset.
    neki desu

  2. JoWynn Johns says:

    I love all your variations with bullions, Elizabeth. Plenty of good ideas and lovely stitching.

  3. Gayle Brewer says:

    They all love wonderful to me. you have made remarkable progress. GB

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