In the dust

The week is moving on and I’m lagging behind in the dust. Finally, I resorted to looking in one of my needlepoint books for examples of the bullion stitch. They present it as making a straight stitch and then wrapping the thread around that stitch until it’s filled up back to its beginning. Most of this week I’ve been filling up my needle with loops before fully completing a backstitch. Perhaps there are two acceptable ways to make bullion stitches after all.

This book also illustrated some flower ideas. I tried to capture some of them in a couple of the slivers and slices below. Today I want to try more experiments along that line. It should make for a lot of interesting texture, if I can pull it off. I’m beginning to understand a little about making curved lines, too. It seems like the week is flying by and I’m just now beginning to crawl!

Here are slivers and slices.



tstc27dgrowing.png my WIP practice piece



2 Responses to In the dust

  1. Marty52 says:

    I love the Blue flower at the top… I haven’t had a chance to try this stitch yet… maybe this weekend! The combinations you come up with are so exciting… thanks!

  2. threadspider says:

    The colours and textures are just gorgeous in these pieces.

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