Day 3 with the bullion stitch

What more can I do with this bullion stitch?

I’ve seen some wonderful work in flickr and other places here and there around the net, so there is a lot to be done with it.

So far I’m merely playing to building some skill with the stitch. After three days I probably should take a clue and give up. But instead, I’m going to be giving it another try later today.

Here are my practice things.


I’m not sure how far I’ll go with this, at the moment I’ve not filled in the stems for some of the leaves. My initial thought was to make a little bird’s nest on the limb of a tree but I’ve not progressed that far yet.

Here is another plant type structure


More texture — Sorry the photo is so bad, the light wasn’t strong enough to overcome the color in the felt ground. There are more pink and gray tones in this than the green and yellow ones that seem to have crept in.



2 Responses to Day 3 with the bullion stitch

  1. Annie W says:

    Hi Elizabeth, Bullion knots are not my favourite stitch but you make them look exciting…love the tree.

  2. […] Week 27 was Bullion Stitch, I don’t much like doing Bullion knots but I did like the way Elizabeth used Bullion knots for the trunk of a tree…Ah thinks me that is how I can do a branch to hang the swing from…I left the last […]

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