TSTC Week 27: The bullion knot

The bullion knot, another stitch on my “avoid list”, is Sharon b’s selection for the start of the second half of the TSTC year! I’m sure Sharon wrote a brilliant introduction. I know her work illustrating the stitch was brilliant. Unfortunately, her introduction hasn’t done a thing to help my stitching.

What am I going to do with this dreadful stitch all week? What about a continual stream of examples to illustrate the mistakes one may make in executing this stitch? I think I might be able to handle that assignment.

I did a tiny search around the net and found there is a false bullion knot–make a straight stitch and then wind your thread around it. I tried it (top left). I tried one of my own making (lower left) and then did a true bullion knot to compare (right).

tstc27acomparison.png too many turns, not a consistent size

I like my idea best but it certainly doesn’t give the same amount of texture.

I used them to provide a nice contrast with each other on this tiny slice that also includes satin stitches.


Here are some other ideas. Sharon is giving me a great opportunity to deal with this stitch. Now, all I can practice and learn from my mistakes!



tstc27apinklines.png tstc27ayelloworange.png


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