Blogs and the half-way point


This is a spot to say a word of welcome to new visitors to my blog.

I’ve found Sharon b’s Take a Stitch Tuesdays challenge for 2007 is a fun way to add to my knowledge and hand embroidery skills. Many stitchers are involved across a wide area of interests–crazy quilts, smalls and other fiber art projects. It is always a perfect time to jump in and see what it is like. Sharon has made it so flexible that the challenge stitching can easily fit your schedule or be done in the course of your normal stitching. While this challenge is no longer running and I think the posts no longer exist, there is much to see in more recent TAST challenges that Sharon runs. Please do look at the work many others are doing there. You may wish to take time to visit and explore other areas of her work at her website. From the stitch dictionary to her own stitching projects, there is a lot to see and read.

I wanted to highlight a few blogs that would give you a flavor of what happens. Here are four stitchers involved with crazy quilting who participate in the TaST challenge.

Ati of Ati on the crazy road did with this week’s stitch, the half chevron, on a crazy quilt block. She also used it in her seam treatment. While I can no longer find them available at the locations where I had them linked, Ati’s work is always worth checking out. And Ati, if you let me know where they are available or I missed them, I would be happy to re-link.

Annie of Annies Crazy World took the herringbone stitch (week 1) and used it with the reverse Palestrina stitch (Palestrina week 16) . She has a nice step by step on this, too. Then she also combined the herringbone stitch with the up and down buttonhole stitch (week 11). Both these new combinations made great seam treatments.

Maureen of CrazyQstitcher did a sampler using the half chevron. I loved her square, layers and borders. And I should have known I wouldn’t be the only one thinking about how to alternate these half chevron stitches.

And Susan of Crazyquiltsusan did a sampler, too. I especially loved the square on the lower left and the experiments with multicolored layers. Sadly another blog that I just can’t find any more. Susan, if this work is available please let me know I would be happy to relink.

Half-way point

While these samples with 100/3 silk seem rather mundane to be marking off the half-way point for Sharon b’s TSTC; nevertheless the point did arrive! And I’m happy about that. When I stop and think about it, it is those mundane daily stitch practices that have become the most important of TSTC for me. Thank you, Sharon, for being an expert guide and leader in going through these stitches. And thank you for being a good example to me in so many things.





tstc26gline7.png Oops, I guess this was a wasted effort!


tstc26gmotif2.png The half-way point!

And looking forward to the start of the second half!


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