More on the half chevron stitch

A few experiments here with lines and diamonds and then a mini tutorial on the second grid in yesterday’s post.

Lines and diamonds

I had lots of fun with lines.
The first one kept changed as I went along.





These diamonds would be great for grids. I just didn’t have time to develop any ideas with them yet.

tstc26fflower1.png tstc26fflower2.png

Oops, something else sneaked in here. Definitely not a diamond!


Mini tutorial

This came about due to a comment asking how to do the second grid from yesterday. Thanks for asking Mady! I hope this is helpful to anyone wondering about that. I have tried to make things “see”-able. But, if anything seems unclear or I messed up along the line and didn’t catch it, please don’t hesitate to ask any follow up question by way of comments.

I appreciate all the comments so many of you leave as you visit the blog. Thank you! Please forgive me for not commenting as much as my general habit. I’m missing doing that; although I’m feeling better, I’m just not up to full strength yet. I’m seeing wonderful TaST work both in flickr and on so many blogs.
Here we go on the grid!

tstc26estep1.png bringing the needle up at the center and out from there at a forty five degree angle

tstc26estep2.png Now pull the thread through until everything is snug but not distorting the ground at all. Then put the needle on a ninety degree angle from the center point across from where the needle just came up through the fabric. Don’t pull this resulting stitch snug, but catch the thread with your needle as your needle come back up from the ground as shown below. This makes the start of the second leg of the half chevron. Now the stitch pull snug around your needle.


tstc26estep2ndleg.png This is the hardest part to capture on camera because the thread is hidden below the needle since it is continuing on the same forty-five degree angle as the first stitch. The next two photos may make it a little clearer what was being accomplished here.




Now you are basically at step two on this second angle and ready to pick up on step three. Repeat these steps for the third and forth angles. It may seem like a long process when I’ve stopped it at so many spots along the way. But it really went fast for me by the time the process was fixed in my mind by doing the first one.


2 Responses to More on the half chevron stitch

  1. Kay Susan says:

    Love that row of little blue ‘figures’!

  2. MadyH says:

    Thanks for the tutorial!

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