Odds and ends on the half chevron stitch

I seem to have lost focus in stitching last night. Everything is a bit here and there. I’m  still thinking so much about this stitch and how it is worked and where it can be effectively changed that I seem to be going in a million directions at once.











4 Responses to Odds and ends on the half chevron stitch

  1. MadyH says:

    I like the second grid (2nd picture from top, with varigated thread). Interesting variation – I’m having trouble figuring out how you did that.


  2. neki rivera says:

    boy! i think i could work with nº 4 for a long time. brilliant!

    neki desu

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Mady,
    Thanks for stopping by and your interest in this gird.
    Although you may have figured it out by now, I’ll plan on putting up a mini tutorial on this by late afternoon today (USA west coast).
    Best wishes,

  4. Kay Susan says:

    Those first two samples make me think of Portugese tiles.

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