The half chevron on trial

Sometimes that’s how I feel. I want see how each stitch will stand up under examination. The half chevron stitch is no exception. It’s been a very relaxing stitch for me. I like the rhythm in it.

Several of my samples today come out of things I saw in Sharon B’s introductory post. While the original post from Sharon is no longer available she has a recent post here about this stitch and perhaps some of the same photos I saw back then are incorporated in her recent post.




This is another grid that needs embellishment. If this grid won’t work, I still love the individual unit and think it will work on its own. There is still plenty of play left in the grid arrangement.

Here are a few other things I enjoyed stitching yesterday afternoon.


tstc26cbeadedline.png detached chain stitches added


The center is a rice stitch with back stitching.


One Response to The half chevron on trial

  1. Susan says:

    I’m still wondering why this is called half chevron when most of them look more like half cretan. =) But some of them do resemble chevrons.

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