TSTC Week 26: The half chevron stitch

Perhaps by this time next week I’ll join Sharon B in a happy dance over being half way through the TSTC year. Until then I’m going to be happily stitching away on the half chevron stitch that Sharon introduced us to for this week’s challenge. (Note: while the original posting I referred to is no longer available, here is a link to a recent post where Sharon introduced this stitch for a new TAST group.) Sharon’s provided so many interesting examples that I’m ahead by leaps and bounds in experimenting already. I also love her sample in the dictionary (link for stitch above).


Here are a few of the ideas that popped into my mind from this simple line.




Now this grid below is pretty ugly. But I saved it thinking that perhaps all it needs is some embellishment. I shall have to see what can be done, otherwise it’s going out the window. I’m already playing to adjust the concept.
tstc26apurplegrid.png Oops, now I see a mistake that needs to be fixed, before I go rushing off to embellish it. Sometimes the camera is better than my eyes!

One Response to TSTC Week 26: The half chevron stitch

  1. Cath says:

    These are beautiful! I love the blue grid with the gold beads in particular! And all your work is so neat!

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