Practicing on the long and the short stitch

Here are my practice pieces with the radial version of the long and the short stitch. I can not experiment with this radial version for a long time. My skills are just not up to some of the experiments I want to try. I ripped out almost everything. I had pity on these and they survived. I still can’t do the diagonal version either–I didn’t bother to rip it out I just left it for now. Perhaps it will be a good reminder in my journal that I have plenty more growing to do.

tstc25dradialflower.png  tstc25dradial.png

As you can see I stayed with one color. I was having enough trouble managing that!

I’m thinking about just sticking with the vertical and horizontal lines. There is plenty to explore there. But it would be nice to learn the full range for this stitch.


More progress on the little piece I’ve been working on in previous days. I didn’t put in the stem for the bell flower yet. I think I’ll try a stem stitch after everything else is put down. I was able to baste in a guide for the remaining corners of the purple square. Now, that stitching should go fast when I tackle it. I brought the yellow down into the lower half of the piece. I’m debating about filling in everything behind the purple square. I’d like to try some rick rack patterns in ecru to cover up the ground.


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