Progress on the long and short stitch

I still am working only vertically and horizontally with the long and short stitch. But this afternoon I plan to try the radial long and short stitch. That is why I  decided to post earlier and post the experiments tomorrow.

Here is what has happened with the sampler.


The dark pink flower is finished. It does have a medium pink center. I added a few leaves and a bell flower. I might switch that out and try to do a radial stitch on that flower. I finished off the purple square in the lower right–not good. I should have basted a diagonal line before I filled up that area with the flower and leaves.

What is ahead? I think the blue flower needs beads or something exciting in the center to help break up the diagonals. Maybe a touch of yellow since I need to start pulling some yellow down into the lower area.  The upper right is looking very bare. It’s a good thing this is just an experiment on a scrap of fabric!


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