The long and short stitch day 2

I’ve been having fun with this stitch and getting myself into trouble, too. I tried to do some work on the diagonal. What a mess! I had to pull it all out. I hope by the end of the week I can do more but for now I’m keeping on the horizontal or vertical–traveling the same way as the threads. This is a little different than most of my samples; it’s a work in progress.


I’m using two threads in my needle and that allows me to take two colors and get a third color in between them by using a thread from each in the middle step. I did this on the larger yellow square. The smaller yellow squares are solids within themselves although the middle square is a  thread of the light and one of the dark. What I mean by solid in this case is that there is no color blending from light to dark within each square itself. I’m not sure how well the photograph is capturing these subtle differences.

The purple square (in progress) is just two purple colors also. I worked outward from the center and after I did the two threads of the lighter color I then added in an ecru thread with one light purple. Ecru is the color of the ground and I finished the square off with two ecru threads.

The pink rectangle is a mistake that I decide to keep for the time being. It is three colors. A light pink, a light pink with a medium pink and then a dark pink at the ends. By accident I pulled the wrong pink from the box when I threaded the needle for the ends. It’s more of a contrast but I didn’t hate it. On the other hand, I’ve not filled in that area with the purple square just in case I change my mind!

As you can see I’m just getting started on another flower–not sure if I’ll keep it or not and whether the center will go to light or dark. Right now I’m leaning towards light.

For any one interested in the variation from a week or so ago, I will have a post up by tomorrow. It is just taking me longer to pull together than I anticipated. It is a lot for me to think about and I’ve been stitching more samples than I expected.

On another note, I’m having some physical struggles going back a couple of weeks ago that I can’t seem to shake. While they seem minor, I’m having to keeping computer time much shorter. Please forgive me for not being about flickr and various blogs to leave many comments. I’m in and out, here and there, looking. There are so many wonderful pieces being posted. I feel badly to be going by without saying a word so frequently.


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