TSTC Week 25: Long and short stitch

The subtleties of the long and short stitch are exemplified by the work Sharon b posted in her introduction to this week’s TSTC. I love the unicorn and all its shading; butterfly and the contemporary samples are outstanding.

For me it looks like this will be a getting-my-feet-wet week. I’ve always been interested in using this stitch for shading but was afraid to seriously attempt it. All I remember doing is taking a few stabs at the basic straight long and short stitches for a class last year. And even then it that was for texture and perhaps sheen comparisons between threads, not for shading.

Here’s a photo of that project and I added two more squares last night. My photographs just can not do justice in conveying sheen and texture. There are some color differences because “white” is not uniform among these various manufacturers. I suppose even if all the manufacturers could use the same white in the dye, the materials in the threads might handle the dye differently.


These are the added blocks silk floss and pima cotton respectively. For some reason the silk floss is much more on color than the pima cotton.

tstc25asilkfloss.png tstc25apima.png

After looking at Sharon’s examples again, I think I did these incorrectly. The short stitch probably should have come to the half way point of the long stitch. On the color blending squares below you will see I tried that adjustment.

Here are my beginnings at blending with this stitch. My favorite thread, 100/3, used in these samples doesn’t work as well for blending as I think a floss would. I see more experiments on the way. I better stop making rash statements until I’ve got more proof in my hands. Let me say I was disappointed by the 100/3 experiments. There could be a host of reasons, including my own skill level.




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