Blogs and ending of review


As many of you know from reading Sharon b’s chatter, Deepa of This and that…my random thoughts has been looking to help identify the variation that Sharon posted about earlier last week. She posted about her findings here. While not an exact match of the variation, this Ceylon stitch that she brings to our attention may help us classify the variation properly. I’m still hopeful that we may yet find some place where my variation has been documented and used by other needle workers either now or in the past. I’d like to say, “Thank you!” to Deepa, to Sharon and to others who have been giving so generously of their time to help with identifying the variation. I appreciate it so much.


I hope any of you unfamiliar with Deepa’s blog will take time to see some of her work connected with Sharon b’s TSTC. I found much of interest as I first went through her blog myself perhaps in May. Just to highlight a couple of the many things I’ve enjoyed, here are links to her chain work and Cretan and feather stitch samplers.

Naturally, I’ve also been scouting the web a bit looking into what information there is about the Ceylon stitch. I came across some beautiful work with it done by Bobby of Robyne Melia is Bobby La. Bobby does have an number of blogs so the first one is in connection with her crazy quilt work and the other, I think, is her primary blog. Also Beth of Mixed Media Art by Beth Robinson, whose work I’ve loved since finding it through Sharon B’s PLofS class last fall, did some interesting Ceylon stitch samples. Beth’s samples are in connection with some other needlelace work. These are the links: Ceylon stitch and a variation called the ladder (last two samples in the last photograph) and another variation here (top right sample in first photograph). While at these blogs please do look around if you are not familiar with these ladies’ work. They both have lovely things.


The last of my slivers and slices review of Sharon B’s TSTC stitches with French knots! Sadly, I’m concluding that my work with French knots this week has not resulted in any decided improvement in my execution of them. They are too useful to ignore, so I’m thankful for the practice time.

Week 21 crossed buttonhole stitch


Week 22 satin stitch


Week 23 wheatear stitch


I know the stitch is named wheatear but somehow I saw a cactus. No doubt, green thread would have been better.

In regard to the wheatear, my variation and the Ceylon stitch Karen of Karen South’s Crazy Quilting World has an interesting post showing where she used the herringbone stitch as part of a variation she did on a seam treatment. It’s exciting to see how via the net our ideas can spark each other on to further explorations in our stitching. Thanks for posting about this, Karen!

This post is long but rather short on my own work today. I decided to make a separate post on some more of the sample work I’ve been doing on the variation. Hopefully, that will be ready in the next few days. Right now, I’m looking forward to what Sharon B will have for us as the next TSTC stitch.

One Response to Blogs and ending of review

  1. Bobby says:

    Hi! I love Ceylon Stitch almost the best…


    Thanks for the link, it gives me an opportunity to find other bloggers too (you)! I havn’t been doing much Crazy Quilt of late, so my main blog is the one you put down… I’ve bookmarked your site for some great stitch reference too, thanks.


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