A TSTC review weeks 13-15

I’m using the French knot stitch in week 24 of the TSTC as an opportunity to review the stitches we’ve worked on. Sometimes I think these TaST weeks in Sharon b’s challenge flew by quickly. Its hard to imagine that these weeks represent March 27 through April 16. If you’re not familiar with TaST, the flickr site for the group has over twelve hundred photos of the work stitchers involved in the challenge have done. And the page above on Sharon’s TSTC page above lists the current blogs involved where you may find even more work. Very inspiring!

Week 13 knotted Cretan stitch


Week 14 bonnet stitch


Week 15 oyster stitch


More French knots–this is the section in the posts for TSTC week 24 where I’ve been exploring a variation from last week and adding French knots to the samples for more practice there. Many thanks to Sharon b for checking on it and asking others to see if it can be identified. It looks like we may have a possible identification! Please see the comment from Helen and my response in the 6 and 7th comment of the post. If you’ve been looking too, thank you so much. I deeply appreciate your help with this. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any information that would help document this stitch or variation–more informatin is always better. I’ll be updating with news as soon as it becomes available.

These samples are experiments with thinner thread somewhere between a Perle 12 and Perle 8. There were definitely some things not so easy to do with the thinner thread. I used three strands of floss for the French knots.

tstc24dwealternating.png tstc24dwepartialflower.png



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