Two colors and learning

I’m still just learning to work with the wheatear stitch. I used some more two color ideas last night. I need to venture out into some off grid work and make myself deal with curves and circles today. On another note the spell checker wasn’t working this morning, please excuse any mistakes. I’m a terrible speller left on my own.

A few of my experiments posted today grew out of reading Sharon b’s introduction and seeing her third photo. In one of these I took a square and set a second square on top of it like a diamond. I interwove the second square into the first as I stitched it. This resulted in a nice ridged area for embellishing the center. I could imagine beads, French knots, satin stitches or woven straight stitches in the center. It would be easy to fill in more petals around the outside with detached chain stitches, too.


The rest of the samples are just playing around with a few elements.

Here I put the loop on every “V”, alternating the direction back and forth. Some of the samples posted yesterday used that same idea. However, this was actually the first attempt with the idea. It didn’t get posted it yesterday because the photo was so bad; this retake is still not the best.




I also did some one colors trials. Using one color still appeals to me. Two colors can at times be distracting. Now that I see their basic structure, it would be fun to use two colors on some of them. This first one I would like to try couching with. The chains could take a small thread and the straight stitches a ribbon or fatter thread. Interlacing seems like it would be worth a try, too.



tstc23b1cogreencolumn.png tstc23b1cobluesquareoverlap.png

3 Responses to Two colors and learning

  1. Margaret says:

    These are all lovely, but I think my favourite is still the purple, second from bottom in the last post. It reminds me of a stained glass for a Frank Lloyd Wright house. Thanks for the inspirational variations on wheatear.

  2. neki rivera says:

    i agree, they are all wonderful, but my favorite is the 5th from the top.

    neki desu

  3. Susan says:

    Hi, Elizabeth, I read this far, and reached the bottom of the page. You’ve been doing a lot of stitching! I love what you’ve done with the wheatear stitch. I’m like a horse with blinders – I only see what’s right in front of me, so seeing your experimentation is a real treat. Now to go back a page into previous messages!

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