TSTC Week 23: The wheatear stitch

The introduction SharonB wrote for this week’s TSTC stitch, the wheatear, is excellent. The next to the last photo in the post showing her work is very inspiring to me and I love it. The grid pattern in third photo, is fascinating. I’m going to be trying that!

The stitch is one I know but have rarely used. I learned so much from working my way through Sharon’s introduction. I used a thin thread so that it was easier to see what is going on with patterns. Once I get more familiar with the stitch, I will probably be back to using a thicker thread. This composite stitch is one where a contrast in color and size of thread is so easy to do. Although I haven’t posted any pictures today, I did play around with two threaded needles going on the same pattern.

Here are some of my first samples.


tstc23agreencolumn1.png tstc23agreencolumn2.png





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