The end of TSTC week 22

As a word of welcome to newcomers, I’d like to mention Neki Desu’s a movable feast blog and her website. In this past week she has posted an interesting tutorial about using a gum arabic resist. Neki participates in Sharon b’s TSTC so I think most of my regular readers will be familiar with that aspect of her work. If you haven’t had an opportunity to look her work as a weaver and textile designer, please do. I always find viewing this kind of work inspiring. I also love fractals and one of my favorite images that Neki posted was this one that mentions them. Well, I’d better let you poke around for yourself, there are many things of interest both on her blog and her website.

I’m constantly amazed and delighted by the explorations being made and the pieces being produced in the TSTC. Many thanks to Sharon for making it such a wonderful and workable challenge for us all to participate in. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do consider becoming involved. If you started doing the weekly stitches and let it drop, please jump back in if there is no compelling reason not to. There is still so much to enjoy and learn in the weeks ahead.

There have been lots of weeks I start out in square one–by learning a stitch that is new to me. There has been this week where I’ve not made too much progress. But even a little bit of growth is gain. And I am thankful for that.







3 Responses to The end of TSTC week 22

  1. threadspider says:

    What an amazingly versatile stitch you have shown satin stitch to be. I love the way the stitches lead you into all sorts of byways and highways. What an inspiration. Thank you.

  2. neki rivera says:

    the red and white tiles and the last one of this series!
    thanks for the link

    neki desu

  3. Corina says:

    This is great! I am a big fan of the red and white serie!

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