Pattern and satin stitches

Am I behind or what? I spent hours at Eli Finkelstein underwater gallery. I loved almost every moment of looking at these amazing patterns from the hand of the Creator. I know I should have been seeing fish, underwater creatures, coral and turtles but all I saw was patterns, the changes in patterns and variety of patterns. Now, I wouldn’t want to be stuck in “pattern seeing” mode day-in-day-out. I think it’s worthwhile seeing fish and turtles. But I’m so glad for those hours of seeing patterns. These photos are copyrighted so please do respect that if you should run over to see what I’m talking about. Now to catch up on my sleep, post a few satin stitches photos and try to get back on my “normal” schedule by the end of the day.

First some off grid work on counted thread fabric


Next the pulled work where every little satin stitch got a good tug!




A couple of borders.

What a difference the size of the thread in comparison to the size of the fabric threads makes in this type of stitching. The blue is 100/3; the white in the next photo is Perle 8.
tstc22dblueborder.png Oops, it looks like I didn’t get all the fine threads off before I snapped the photo.

Now this photo is of some work I did a long time ago, too. But I couldn’t resist throwing in the photo because it represents using the satin stitch on an inside border. I still love what the satin stitch can do to set off border areas.



One Response to Pattern and satin stitches

  1. alice m says:

    Thankyou for all your examples again this week Elizabeth. I particularly love the way satin stitch is used on the border. Simply lovely.

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