Off grid and on grid with the satin stitch

I was thinking about the satin stitch at the beginning of this week. I said to myself, “I won’t bother to do any off grid work with this stitch.” Last night I decided “to bother”. It was very relaxing. And I put to the trial some thoughts that came out of reading Stitch Magic by Beaney and Littlejohn.


Some of the satin stitches are used to couch other threads.



Oh, yes my on grid work, too!



What keeps shocking me about the satin stitch that is that nearly every time I start to do “on grid” work I think, but that’s called such and such a stitch or such and such a technique. Or I say, that’s the satin stitch combined with another stitch or technique. Is the satin stitch the most explored stitch in our dictionary of stitches?


2 Responses to Off grid and on grid with the satin stitch

  1. Nancilyn says:

    I am enthralled with your satin stitch collage or freeform satin stitch or scrumbled satin stitch.
    Nancilyn, filing away yet another wonderful idea to play with.

  2. Luci says:

    Beautiful stitches, again! I particularly like the freeform ones. Thank you for inspiring me.

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