Pressing on with the satin stitch

I thought I’d point to a couple of other blogs in case you haven’t caught them and would like pop over to take a look. Judith at Spinningyarns has done a step by step on dyeing silk rovings in a microwave. Don’t miss the photo slide show on the upper right side bar. And the needlewoman at Reading and Stitching in IL has done a satin stitch spot sampler and is referring to one of my favorite books from Lantz. Thank you, ladies!

And can you believe how many pictures are in flickr’s Take a Stitch Tuesday? I hardly ever notice details like this but yesterday my eyes caught the number and I could hardly imagine over 1,130 photos.

My own work on the satin stitch is progressing along. My sketched ideas were lost some where in my travels yesterday so I didn’t do any work on my napkin. But I found plenty of other ideas in my head to transfer to another cloth.




Then I got carried away with the curve shape I could obtain with the satin stitch here.


And I had to try and improve it


And box it in


In the course of looking for some suitable fabric (Which you may notice, I did not select. I chose something entirely too light.), I came across one of my practice cloths on picots and dove’s eyes. You may wonder why some of it is not finished. I think I gave up the idea of perfecting those two stitches. I was just talking over my struggles with Nancilyn at What bloggles my mind a few days ago. It really made me laugh to run into the evidence. I love hardanger and have to find substitutes for the picots and dove’s eyes. Since satin stitches play such a big part in hardanger, both in the kloster blocks (shown below) and the motifs, I thought it would be appropriate to post it.




2 Responses to Pressing on with the satin stitch

  1. Nancilyn says:

    I haven’t been tearing my hair out, but I’ve ripped out my satin stitch starts at least half a dozen times attempting to adapt some Mexican folk designs. Your blue flower put a smile on my face. It is lovely and could represent so many flowers of that form, but I immediately thought alpine lupine.
    And what’s wrong with your picots? Mine should look so good.

  2. Susan says:

    You make even this stitch look creative. =)

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