TSTC Week 22: The satin stitch

This week Sharon b has taken us to another great basic stitch for the Take a Stitch Tuesdays Challenge (TSTC), the satin stitch. Her introduction and samples are excellent. If you clicked the last link of her first paragraph you came across one of my favorite samples of her stitching in the third band. It’s also featured at the top of her satin stitch dictionary entry.

The thing that was surprising to me about her choice was that I’d been using the satin stitch earlier in the day. I’d dug out some old napkins and a tablecloth from a yard sale purchase made last year. And at a whim started stitching away on one of the napkins. The yellow daring pattern was already stitched on them. The tablecloth has a larger pattern with brown also added. The napkins have three rows of the pattern you see. My thought is that they are from the 1970s. But I’m a pretty uneducated guesser about such things.


When I read Sharon’s post for this week I already had the large diamond done and the circles beside it. I just added a bit more satin stitch work on the right and the purple flowers. Snapped a picture and called it quits for the day. Some little virus or something got me and although I’m recovered this morning I couldn’t keep my mind on any stitching last night.

As a result I thought I’d post some satin work from an old sampler.

Pulled work using satin stitches


Very useful for stabilizing thread on drawn work.


Another pulled work pattern. I did I tell you I like white on white work? This is more like ecru on ecru.







2 Responses to TSTC Week 22: The satin stitch

  1. threadspider says:

    Glad you’re feeling better now. As usual, love your stitchwork and thanks for the link to Random Applique too. I like what she is doing too.

  2. Nancilyn says:

    Your white on white or ecru on ecru or light on light are just beautiful. I can see why you’re fond of drawn and pulled work; your pieces are just lovely.

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