Winding up on the crossed buttonhole stitch

As an ongoing way to say, “Welcome!” to newcomers I want to point out two more of the many blogs I enjoy. Both are involved in Sharon b’s TSTC. Most of my regular readers are no doubt well aware of these two stitchers and feel happy like I do about a new post from them.

From my first visit to Sara’s blog And Sew On, I was ready to come back. I love her quilts and her stitching. The colors she uses speak right to my heart. This is her most recent post for TSTC and this was her first. Her current post shows her first art quilt. And what exciting things have been happening with it!

Dy’s work is on flickr and at her blog, Random Applique. Someone said to me yesterday, “…the hand-prepared fabrics are always an inspiration.” I feel exactly the same way, but it is an unfamiliar world to me. So I was totally fascinated by a post that Dy did showing her process for wet wool felting. And you will see this felt has been put to good use this week with her cheerful little dragon and last week, with her fabric box.

Both these ladies have all manner of other interesting things on their blogs, so please do take a bit of time and look around.

This weekend, I ran away from school. Or perhaps I should say it wasn’t recess, it was vacation. I tried this.


Constructive criticism or ideas for improvement welcome! Also, I have a question. I was using lite steam a seam2 to attach the sheer purple background material to white felt so I could hold this “in hand” while I stitched. Little white beads of the sticky stuff formed under the purple fabric. I laid layers of cheese cloth over this and ironed again. That seemed to remove some of it and it’s not too noticeable now. But what caused it and is there a better way to take care of cleaning it up? Thank you!

I did manage to wind up some loose ends on the crossed buttonhole stitch.

Mirrored woven crossed buttonhole stitches


Variations on a blue theme. The first photo is the single line of the the mirrored and staggered line I posted the other day with the the beads. I’ve tried to do some grid patterns with this but nothing there has been pleasing me. So these are all simple borders.





I’ve had a lot of fun with this stitch but, I’m always so excited to see the next TSTC stitch appear.


2 Responses to Winding up on the crossed buttonhole stitch

  1. Corina says:

    I can not give you any answer to your question, but I have to tell you how much I love your sampler. An idea, from scrapbook, called ´Visual Triangle’ principle. This means placing the elements in a triangle around the layout.

  2. neki rivera says:

    i love the composition! the top turquoise stitching on the flower breaks the forizontal planes and makes the whole piece sing. fantastic!the diamond shapes are very effective .
    sorry, but i have no aswer for your question.

    neki desu

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