After recess

I’m so encouraged by the work I’m seeing in Sharon b’s TaST challenge that is posted on flickr and on so many blogs. Please check the webring if you haven’t already done it. The link is on the TaST page above. It’s a highlight in my day to see what others stitchers have been doing with this stitch.

I’m still working on bringing some of what I learned “at recess” into my “on grid” work. While doing this I’m noticing that reading Stitch Magic by Beaney and Littlejohn recently has influenced some of my thoughts on stitches and stitching. Perhaps for many this book or these concepts are something you’ve been familiar with for a long time. But I only came across it recently at my local used bookstore. I started rereading this book as a means to help ponder what they are saying. I want to think as clearly as possible and stitch as much as possible so that my thoughts about it will mature.

Here’s some of my work from yesterday.

I slide the middle prong under the first to help the crossed prongs look more even. I didn’t have time to embellish the tops but I think some detached chain stitches might be worth trying.


Staggered, mirror with one thread between the two lines and worked in the opposite direction.


This next line didn’t turn out to my satisfaction. I tried to use beads but neither arrangement worked. The plain truth is that it was better as a single line unembellished. What is offending my sensibilities is the thickness of the blue line between the peaks when it is mirrored. But I think I would love that thick line if I treated it as a grid. It on my “play” list for today.


Two attempts here to get the right look to the lower prongs. I liked the last two best.


Mirrored and embellished


Now I think Indian tepees and Roman columns are both wrapped up in one stitch.

One straggling woven buttonhole


I’d love to try couching a ribbon with it. I think it would be great mirrored.

I’ve only done one upright crossed buttonhole with the doubled view. I liked the bold look to this.


Here I was experimenting with moving the loop around the middle prong down off the regular line. It make the area look almost knotted. It’s two threads down one thread off either side from the other tie downs. I tried pulling it down four threads at first, but that was a disaster. Another thing on my “play” list.



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