Recess and backwards on an upright crossed buttonhole


Every school girl needs a recess!


And recess certainly refreshes. I came back to the “school desk”. Full of ideas. Here are just a few.


I have to run into work early today so this is lacking a little of the photo editing I would normally do.  Nevertheless, I hope the pictures can speak for themselves as to my aims.


I was playing around with the crossed buttonhole stitch and thought of doing an upright cross to get a strong diagonal line. I don’t know if you ever noticed my bad little habit in making regular cross stitches. I always cross left over the one to the right. This is against convention, so I’ve been told. And I think my upright crossed buttonhole stitches fall into that same category. Convention is to cross horizontal over the vertical. I did the opposite!

A single line


A dense line


A double line


Switching sides


Doubled–can you see the grid patterns? My stitching time was very limited yesterday or I would have linger here!


More fun


A circle made with crossed (top, bottom left and right) and upright crossed (the diagonals between) buttonhole stitches. All it needs is embellishment! And some experiments in other sizes.


I’ve been thinking of making a step by step on the upright crossed buttonhole stitch. The conventional method, of course, not backward. If you know of an on-line dictionary with this stitch, please, leave a comment. Thank you! I’ve been looking around but so far haven’t uncovered one. And I’m sure they must be in stitch books.


3 Responses to Recess and backwards on an upright crossed buttonhole


    Thank you, I’ve just discovered your blog and I love your experimentations. I am starting embroidery on an old jacket which I hope will become a piece of art or at least a carpet for my cat! Sorry for my English but I’m French and lack practice! Pelote.

  2. tenar72 says:

    Hi, your stuff is amazing as always, especially the diagonal lines and the interwoven stitches. I wish I had your patience and perseverance.


  3. threadspider says:

    Please make a guide Elizabeth, it could be the start of something amazing. You already have so many variations on stitches so it would be lovely if you could collect them together.

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