Working through school days

There is lots of great stuff showing up everywhere on this stitch–at flickr and new things via comments at Sharon b’s to name just a couple of great places. And Judith at Spinningyarns put together a brief guide on spinning silk. Do pop in and take a look; it’s fascinating. Thank you, Judith!

Now, I’ve begun to have fun with this stitch. For me working with a stitch just a little beyond what first comes to mind has sometimes yielded great results. Sometimes doesn’t mean always, of course! So the wisdom to know when to pursue and when to let go is something I need.

Here’s the plain four stitches around a square


changing the second leg of the cross two up and two back from its position above


I loved the movement in this so I tried enlarging it.


Adding color


And a line with three of the four stitches done before moving on to the next. I tell you I stitched this with the wrong thread. All I could think of when I was stitching away on this was a “yellow brick road”–some how green thread doesn’t capture the thought.


On to other lines; here’s a checkered one


the same laced




two tone versions



One Response to Working through school days

  1. threadspider says:

    These are astonishing Elizabeth. So much variation from one stitch.

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