TSTC Week 21: The crossed buttonhole stitch

A brief update before I begin: I still can’t send pictures to the editor. I have no spell checker, a very essential tool for me! I’m writing this post all in code. I’ve tried to eliminate problems with links and so forth. Please leave a comment if anything isn’t working for you. I’m talking with the blog people to try and resolve this. If I get brave and update yesterday’s post with photos in code or they can clear up the problems for me, then you will see that post revamped sometime today. Now, on to this week’s stitch!

The crossed buttonhole stitch found a place in the week 21 of the TSTC. Sharon b has written up a great introduction to this stitch for us. I was surprised by its similarity to other stitches in the buttonhole stitch family. And yet as I began to work with it, I see its uniqueness, too.

Lynne of the Dancing Rose had me chuckling from day one of posting about the butterfly chain stitch when she left this comment.

There are *rules*??? Seems to me the whole point of the TAST is to think outside the envelope…

Her remark had me laughing and it encouraged me along on last week’s exploration. Thank you, Lynne!

So I’m hoping to laugh and enjoy bending and breaking all the rules I can with the crossed buttonhole stitch this week. I’d like to push it just short of losing its uniqueness. But you see my start is very sedate and measure.








3 Responses to TSTC Week 21: The crossed buttonhole stitch

  1. threadspider says:

    ooh, these are delicious Elizabeth. What an original thinker you are!

  2. Candi Harris says:

    Wow! Absolutely wonderful!! Your work is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  3. alice m says:

    A note to say how much I agree with the above comments and also I just love that pretty beaded tree.

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