Day 5 of the Butterfly chain stitch

A much better stitching day yesterday, at lease from my point of view. I worked on some of the potential I saw in the disappointing stitching from day before yesterday. And I still need to tackle full circles. But I got some work done on curves.


I like the beads at the bottom best.


This is a pretty silvery purple wool thread but it is not photogenic. This isn’t the first time I’ve had problems capturing it. Aside from that one problem, I like this line. It reminds me of a line of tiny fans and I wish I could put some interesting stitch at that top to further that impression. So far my best thought has been a little angled straight stitch for the top tip of each straight stitch to a few threads lower on the next straight stitch–workable but not interesting.

An enlarged slightly modified version of my happy little line from yesterday and my favorite of today’s photos.


Another little border

A flower


Blue circles



2 Responses to Day 5 of the Butterfly chain stitch

  1. Deepa says:

    Wow,you are truly a genius!!! Loved those flowers.


  2. Andrea says:

    I like these … and I also liked the other lot that you didn’t like – so don’t be too hard on yourself – those stitches were definitely NOT a waste of time.

    mmmmm – that silvery purple thread looks yummy … so does the thread in the blue circles :-)

    I thought of one quite simple idea to make those fans even more like fans – maybe use the same thread to work a row of buttonhole stitch along the tops? … or maybe even fly stitch or detatched chain?

    drats – now I want to go and play with that idea myself, but I have tea to eat and a meeting to go to …

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