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As many of you may know Sharon b has recently been talking about blogrolls here, here and here and especially about their usefulness in opening up the on-line needlework community to newcomers. In the past I’ve kept my blogroll to a minimum. Why?

  • It intensifies my recommendation of the blogs I do list.
  • There is no frustration of looking at a long list and wondering where to begin.
  • My blog is nearly useless except for Sharon’s TSTC, I’m anxious to direct any newcomers that possibly visited here before encountering Sharon’s blog directly on to her. And from there on to the broader community that she knows so well. Sharon keeps a wonderful blogroll, has a blog list for the Take a Stitch Tuesdays challenge (TSTC), as well as links to a webring and the flickr account.

I’m convinced this is good thing to do for any new visitors.

However, both Sharon’s discussion, the comments she has received and looking at my own blog statistics have convinced me I could do more. I’ve updated my blogroll to add various aspects of the community that I’m aware of. Janet with her nuts-about-needlepoint blog, Donna with By the Bay Needleart, Mary at Needle n’ Thread. These are three that came to mind right away. Sharon at in a minute ago, Annie at Annies Crazy World and Linn at The Embroideress were, of course, already there. I think that in various ways these people can point anyone interested on to great resources and/or other blogs that you would enjoy. The agonizing part about this is who else should be added and am I leaving out a notable category of needlework that should be added in. So there may be additions or changes to this list shortly.

My own experience comes into play with another aspect of Sharon’s discussion. I was someone who read blogs for about four years but almost never left a comment and certainly never dreamed of having a blog. My blog reading was mostly on other topics. For some reason, I was not much attracted to needlework blogs other than Linn’s. The few needlework blogrolls I did come across discouraged me because so many links were to inactive blogs. But I did click links in posts. And then last year, I came across Sharon’s 100 details in 100 days, It drew me in. Slowly I began reading more needlework blogs due to her roundups. And now due to TSTC I read so many that I seldom look at blogrolls but add new blogs to my bloglines account because of links in posts or comments on Sharon’s weekly TaST post. For the next two months, I’m going to make an effort each week somewhere in one of my normal TSTC posts to point towards a blog I added or something I found of interest in a blog I read regularly. After that I plan to reassess the situation.

Please feel free to leave any comment you wish that might help further my understanding on this subject. Thank you!


6 Responses to Blogroll: thoughts and updates

  1. sharonb says:

    I nearly fell off my chair when I read “I was someone who read blogs for about four years but almost never left a comment and certainly never dreamed of having a blog. My blog reading was mostly on other topics. For some reason, I was not much attracted to needlework blogs other than Linn’s.”
    4 years!!!!!! We (as a community) really didn’t hook you in – and you are a fantastic stitcher- what a failure of the community – you have confirmed my feeling that we all need to contantly spread the word
    I guess one of the reasons I keep a blog is to promote and keep alive hand stitching – I want to see the next generation and the genaration after that still enjoying thread and fabric and the best way to so that is to highlight what the community does – there have always been groups of stitchers that share their skills but the internet is the medium of hte 21st century – as a community we just have to figure out how to use it!
    Blogs of course is one way but without linking up together they act as lone voices –
    I am so pleased you see what I mean and discovered stitching blogs!

    Great samples this week by the way …

  2. Tricia says:

    some interesting comments, you to sharonb, I too have read blogs for a number of years, leaving very few comments. Then earlier this year I found TAST, and decided to start a blog to show my work, I was not very successful, at either! However, after taking a class with sharonb at which helped my stitching greatly. As for my blog, all I can say I’m on a steep learning curve but enjoying it. I also find that I’m working harder on creating something be it a painting or needlework or a journal. So I would say, for me starting a blog and been more active in posting comments on other peoples blogs is helping me with my creative work. I’ve started to make time in my day to do something for me…

    best wishes

  3. Tricia says:

    oops…. sorry I forget to comment on the pictures of your work, I particularly like your idea to use the same orange thread so that you can see the pattern and shape, please do keep posting, I try to leave comments more often…

  4. Kay Susan says:

    Hi, came by for my usual ‘fix’ of your stitch variations and stopped for a chat. Sharon B’s post motivated me to look at my list of links too. The trouble was, if I put all the blogs I read on it, the list would be three miles long. In the end, I decided to list the groups that I belong to, as those are all blogs that I read regularly and people will find them by linking to the group. I’ve recently done that, and now I plan to add a few more links to blogs that are outside the groups that I really like to keep up with. That way, the list of links is manageable.

  5. threadspider says:

    I wrote to Elizabeth about this post before I read the comments here, and am staggered and warmed by how much the thoughts already expressed reflect my own. I am very new to blogging and to rediscovering the joy of handstiching. I have been reading Sharon’s blog for about 3 months without leaving a comment,(sorry Sharon, I will start posting!) but I have discovered so many shared pleasures and skills through the blogroll links. After all, without blogrolls I wouldn’t be here.
    My current line of thought about what this technology is about, is that it helps to fulfil our deep felt need to be creative. It allows us to connect with other people who have similar interests, but who can be on the other side of the world. It allows us to learn from them, to be inspired by them. It allows us to enjoy leaving positive feedback for others and receiving it. And from all that, to enthuse to others about what we are both doing and thinking.

  6. CameoRoze says:

    I started my blog as, more or less, a “What’s New?” page that links to my website, CameoRoze’s Stitcher’s Studio. When I complete a new needlework project, I post a small photo on my blog, but it links to the larger photo and “what I learned by doing this project” on my website.

    I also love to write needlework finishing tutorials. But most of the tutorials I see on blogs are hard to follow … hard to print off to make them usable. So I link from my blog to the finishing “slide shows” on my website where I think I have made easier-to-bookmark tutorials.

    I also like to post a photo-a-day to my blog, which usually has nothing to do with needlework.

    All this blather is to say, I don’t like blogrolls. They are clunky and not easy to figure out which are the blogs worth visiting, and which are there because the blogger didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings by leaving them out.

    But I do often link to other blogs and websites within the blog posting itself. And I do label my posts so that if you’re interested in just one topic, you can easily pull up all my blog entries on that one topic … and from there find your way to other blogs in their respective communities.

    Just seems to make more sense to me. The librarian in me likes to put like subject matter together! :)

    Cameo @–>–>—

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